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"TEARS OF KASHMIR" is a book in quest of bringing back love, brotherhood and peace to Kashmir, it screams out in pain to the Kashmiri Youth. cought in the turmoil, to not forget the solace which was once the hallmark of Kashmir. It is a reminder to them that they are missing out on globalisation and ushering in a new era of Kashmir "Youth is the future of the country and its very important to encourage the youth so that my country will be in safe and educated hands always."

The author of this book is Mr. Sarfaraz Ahmed Batt Alias Raja Sarfaraz born in Chinab valley, Jammu and Kashmir. He belongs to a middle class educated family. Born and brought up in urban and rural atmosphere. He completed his Graduation from Jammu University where he studied both English and Urdu literature alongside Junior Engineering (Electronic and communication). His interests always lay in literature, which led him to pursue a post-graduation in English literature. He is a working research scholar (PhD) English literature.

He is very passionate about art. He has won millions of hearts from through his acting. His first regional movie “Yeh meri kahani hai damini”, based on Delhi rape case 2012, won critical acclaim. Some of his upcoming projects include “Main Hoon Rajnikant”, “Dust”, “Burhan”, and “Two Faces”. He has also worked in a few serials on national channels and has starred in several Music albums.

Seeing the land in which he was born and brought up, which was once known for its nonviolent nature and beauty being torn apart, he decided to do his part to bring back the lost peace.

He strongly believes in the fact that youth is the future of the country and it is very important to encourage the youth so that his country will be in safe and educated hands always.

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